Our Commitment to Consultants

At T. Rowe Price, we believe putting clients first and partnering with their consultants
go hand in hand. Here, we extend that collaboration to the Web, delivering comprehensive information on our
investment strategies and insights.

Welcome to the Institutional Consultants' Website

We are pleased to introduce the Institutional Consultants' Website. The site provides a wealth of information to assist you in your research, analysis, and work with clients. We hope it is a useful resource for you and welcome your feedback.


As markets contend with the prospect of reduced support from the U.S. Federal Reserve, especially at a time when global growth is fragile, we anticipate higher volatility in rates, spreads, and currencies. In this new environment, sourcing income and managing risks will be crucial. Investors may do better if they have exposure to a broader spectrum of investment opportunities.


Is the equity cycle over, and what do we do after quantitative easing has ended? Scott Berg, Portfolio Manager, Global Growth Equity Strategy discusses how he is investing in today's environment.